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Clarksville, Arkansas
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Drug Enforcement



Call in or e-mail us with your tips today. 

Confidential Hotline – 1-479-705-TIPS (8477)



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Rhonda Noyes
Narcotics Investigator




Derek Rogers
Narcotics Investigator


306183872_562323609015573_3843007391329062961_n.jpg  The Narcotics Division is part of the Criminal Investigations Division. Our Narcotics Investigators and all members of the Johnson County Sheriff's Office are responsible for working drugs as part of their normal daily schedule.

It may be as simple as arresting someone on a traffic stop for possession of drugs or as complex as working a large case which can take time.

As information is gathered on suspected drug dealers or manufacturing operations, a file is started.  All tips our Narcotics Division receives stays confidential and investigated. Information is verified as more confidential tips are received the case is built. We work with other local, state, and federal agencies to complete a thorough investigation of the individuals involved.  These joint investigations assist in discovery of large-scale Drug Trafficking Organizations.

Once an investigation is completed search warrants for locations and individual arrest warrants are written. A judge will review the information.  If the information meets the required criteria, the judge will sign the warrants.

Officers will meet, finalize plans, and execute the search and arrest warrants. Sometimes these plans can be finalized in days, but it can take weeks or months to work a large case.  

We appreciate all information that the citizens of Johnson County provide to us. All information and calls will be kept confidential.

We will facilitate the goal of getting the scourge of illegal controlled substances out of our community.



Johnson County County Opioid Response Effort


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Investigator Derick Rogers

Investigator (OPEN)

P.R.S.S. Stephanie Biddle

P.R.S.S. Joseph Cruz

Amy Griffith Program Coordinator



P.R.S.S.S Joseph Cruz
PEER Support Specialist Supervisor


Amy Griffith
J.C.O.R.E. Coordinator


P.I.T. Stephenie Biddle
PEER Support Specialist

The Johnson County Sheriff's Office implemented this program from a grant from the Bureau of Justice. This grant is to implement, comprehensive efforts to identify, respond, treat, and support those impacted by opioids, and other drugs of abuse through investigations and getting individuals affected by substance abuse into treatment and recovery.

This grant funded two Narcotics Investigators, two PEER Specialists, and a Program Coordinator. The grant also helped pay for funding for advance training, equipment and public education.

Our Investigators and PEER Specialists reach out to the community to teach classes on the dangers of substance abuse. We also teach classes on the response to overdoses and Narcan training. These training classes are offered free to anyone who is interested in taking them. 

Our PEER Specialists reaches out to individuals in the community that are looking for recovery pathways to facilitate a plan for recovery and integration back into the community living a substance free lifestyle.

They facilitate these goals by sharing their lived experiences and leading individuals through the the pathways for recovery that is unique for each person. 

If you have information to help us stop illegal drugs in our community or know of someone who is in need of treatment to get into recovery, please contact us.

All inquiries will be forwarded to the team member that can assist your needs and will be kept confidential.


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