Johnson County
Sheriff's Office
Clarksville, Arkansas
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(24 hours)

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301 Porter Industrial Road
Clarksville, Arkansas 72830

Administrative Office Hours:
Mon - Fri
8:00am - 4:30pm

History of the Sheriff's Office - Click photo for more information

Sheriff Jimmy Stephens
Term: 2019-Current

Sheriff Jimmy Stephens
Term: 2019-Current

Sheriff Larry Jones
Term: 2015-2018

Sheriff Jimmy Dorney
Term: 2007-2014

Sheriff Wesley Kendrick
Term: 1997-2006

Sheriff Charles D. Nicklas
Term: 1993-1996

Sheriff Eddie L. King
Term: 1987-1992

Sheriff Elton Brown
Term: 1981-1986

Sheriff Donald Meek
Term: 1973-1980

Sheriff Walter T. Looper
Term: 1967-1972

Sheriff H. C. Arnold
Term: 1961-1966

Sheriff Robert Hardwicke
Term: 1957-1960

Sheriff Ethel H. Blackard
Term: 1951-1956

Sheriff Lloyd Yarbrough
Term: 1947-1950

Sheriff R. L. Thompson
Term: 1941-1946

Sheriff Carl L. Arrington
Term: 1939-1940

Sheriff Virgil Kolb
Term: 1937-1939

Sheriff George W. Ladd
Term: 1933-1936

Sheriff Fred Russell
Term: 1927-1932

Sheriff R. C. Temple
Term: 1923-1926

Sheriff Daniel Boone Bartlett
Term: 1919-1922

Sheriff Edward Jacobs
Term: 1916-1918

Sheriff Ben H. Phillips
Term: 1914-1915

Sheriff Ewell Love
Term: 1910-1913

Sheriff W. A. McPherson
Term: 1906-1909

Sheriff Joe B. King
Term: 1902-1905

Sheriff John Powers
Term: 1888-1902

Sheriff W. S. Jett
Term: 1884-1888

Sheriff E. T. McConnell
Term: 1878-1883

Sheriff J. M. Armstrong
Term: 1874-1877

Sheriff R. S. Crampton
Term: 1872-1873

Sheriff P. Hixson
Term: 1868-1871

Sheriff E. N. Griffith
Term: 1866-1867

Sheriff James Monroe Laster
Term: 1865-1866

Sheriff W. L. Craven
Term: 1864-1865

Sheriff J. F. Hill
Term: 1858-1863

Sheriff W.D. Griffith
Term: 1856-1857

Sheriff C.B. Mann
Term: 1850-1855

Sheriff J.M. Hamilton
Term: 1846-1849

Sheriff W.M.H. Newton
Term: 1842-1845

Sheriff A. Sinclair
Term: 1838-1841

Sheriff W.J. Parks
Term: 1835-1837

Sheriff A. Sinclair
Term: 1833-1834

Sheriff S.F. Mason
Term: 1832-1833