Johnson County
Sheriff's Office
Clarksville, Arkansas
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National Night Out 2008 -
Thank you for stopping
by our booth!

At the Johnson County Sheriff's Office we are leaders in our community. We continuously lend our name and time to many worthwhile causes, such as National Night Out, Special Olympics, Johnson County Peach Festival and other charitable events. We are glad to help organize and plan activities that serve the community. We have organized softball games and poker runs to raise money for charitable causes and persons with life threatening health issues. Remember, we live here with you and are here to serve you, any way we can.




Sheriff Dorney with the
winners of the Peach
Festival Pig Chase 2008
Winners of Peach Festival
Pig Chase 2008 -
Special Olympics Law
Enforcement Torch
Run 2008
Thank you Representatives
Wells and Overbey for
the donated trailer!
Sheriff Dorney &
Clarksville Chief Greg
Donaldson jamming at
National Night Out 2008
Totem Pole Daycare
in Lamar loves when
Sheriff Dorney and
the Deputies visits!
Deputy Jeff Wood assisted
with the Atkins
Tornado Security
PC and Sheriff Dorney
visits the Johnson
County Schools
Deputy Jeff Wood -
Deputy of the Year 2008
Lt. Eddie Richards teaches
the Boy Scouts about
Lt. Richards demonstrates
how to lift fingerprints
Sheriff Dorney donating
blood at the Guns and
Hoses Blood Drive 2009
Special Olympics Law
Enforcement Torch
Run 2009
Peach Festival Pig
Chase 2009
National Night Out 2009

Donation Collection for
Mena Tornado Victims 2009
Law Enforcement
Appreciation 2009
Marijuana Eradication
Day 2009
Deputy Shook and
Detective Morrow sworn
in as U.S. Deputy
Marshalls 2009
Detective Chad Morrow
Deputy of the Year 2009
Shop with a Cop 2009
Sheriff Dorney speaking at
Westside 2010
Puppy Mill Raid 2009

Sheriff Dorney ringing
the Salvation Army bell


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