Johnson County
Sheriff's Office
Clarksville, Arkansas
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Press Release from the Office of Sheriff Larry Jones

For almost the past month we have been investigating a missing person case which sadly turned into a homicide case. There have been countless hours spent gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, doing surveillance and ultimately arresting suspects. None of these things happen quickly enough for law enforcement, or for family and friends of victims.

While the case is still under investigation at this time, I feel it is important to thank those that have worked tirelessly in the pursuit of justice. The Johnson County Sheriff’s office and investigators, the Arkansas State Police and investigators, Logan County Sheriff’s Department, Yell County Sheriff’s Department, Arkansas Community Correction officers and their fugitive apprehension team, the Clarksville Police Department, Coal Hill Police Department, Lamar Police Department, Johnson County Sheriff’s Auxiliary and so many support staff from different agencies.

More and more we see that law enforcement sometimes gets cast in a non-favorable light. What I have seen and continue to see in this case is the utmost professionalism and dogged determination for the truth.

While each of us wishes that this tragedy had never occurred, I am thankful for each of you that have had a hand in the solving of this crime.

As I stated earlier, this case is still being worked on hourly. Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Johnson County Sheriff at 479-754-2200.