Johnson County
Sheriff's Office
Clarksville, Arkansas
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As your Sheriff I'd like to take the time to ask for your help. We are having a rash of break-ins all over the county. Nothing is exempt. They are breaking into abandoned homes, buildings and occupied homes. You may ask how can I a citizen help. You live and know your area more than the deputies. You are there everyday. What I'd like to ask of you as the Sheriff is let the department know if you see a vehicle sitting or moving in an area you know it doesn't belong (along side the road, at an abandoned house, driving slowly back and forth in front of your home or a neighbors, etc). Another thing I'd ask if you can do it safely is get the description of the vehicle and a tag number for us in case it's gone before an officer can get there.

We want to catch the people responsible for these crimes because we do care about you and your property. One problem we have is we have to follow the law while doing our job but the criminal element doesn't.

I've heard in the past it's the Sheriff's Office job to solve the crime, not mine. When you call in a tip your not just helping the police you are also helping yourself and your neighbor.

Please don't hesitate to call the Sheriff's Office if you have any concerns in your area. Call 754-2200 and ask that a deputy be sent out to check the area.

Thank You, Sheriff Larry Jones