Johnson County
Sheriff's Office
Clarksville, Arkansas
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Holiday Warrant Amnesty Program Announced

The Johnson County Sheriff's Office will again be offering amnesty to anyone with a misdemeanor warrant from December 4 through December 31.

Anyone with a misdemeanor warrant may turn themselves in, pay 10% toward the total of the warrant and be released with a court date in 2014.

This is a great way to avoid being incarcerated prior to Christmas and having to spend monies to be bonded out that could be used for other purposes.

We urge everyone who has a misdemeanor warrant to take advantage of this program.

This program only applies to those who willingly and voluntarily turn themselves in.  If you are stopped on a traffic stop or otherwise have contact with law enforcement and you have a misdemeanor warrant you will not be afforded this opportunity.

The amnesty program will end at midnight on Dec. 31.