Johnson County
Sheriff's Office
Clarksville, Arkansas
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3 Arrested For Stealing Copper Wiring, Destroying Property

Three Clarksville residents were arrested on July 5 on various charges stemming from the theft of copper wiring from two residences in Johnson County.

Cpl Jeff Ross of the Clarksville P.D. was leaving the Willett Branch subdivision when he noticed a vehicle parked near a residence that had been damaged by fire in the county.  Ross called for assistance and other P.D. officers arrived on the scene. 

Sheriff's Office personnel were notified and went to the scene.  They discovered one of the suspects had tools in his possession consistent with the removal of wiring.

The three suspects were transported to the Johnson County Detention Center and gave statements that they were attempting to remove wiring from the residence when they were caught.  During the course of the investigation it was determined that the three suspects were also responsible for removing wiring from another residence just outisde the city limits of Coal Hill on North Main Street on the previous day, July 4.

Detectives went to the residence north of Coal Hill and discovered that copper wiring had been cut and removed from the attic.  There was severe damage to the residence as holes were kicked through the ceilings for air ventilation as the copper was being cut and removed.  An air conditioner unit was also heavily damaged at the residence.

John Matthew Banhart, age 22 is charged with Breaking or Entering (2 Counts), Theft of Property, Criminal Trespass (2 Counts) and Possession of an Instrument of Crime.

Robert William Banhart, age 21 is charged with Breaking or Entering (2 Counts), Theft of Property, Criminal Trespass (2 Counts), Criminal Mischief (2 Counts) and Possession of an Instrument of Crime.

Patricia Ann Monrow, age 19 is charged with Criminal Trespass (2 Counts), Breaking or Entering (2 Counts) and Theft of Property.

A bond hearing was held for the three suspects on July 5 in front of Circuit Judge Bill Pearson.  John Matthew Banhart's bond was set at $5000.00 cash/commercial, Robert William Banhart's bond was set at $2500.00 cash/commercial and Patricia Monroe's bond was set at $2500.00 cash/commercial with a court date of September 7th in Johnson County Circuit Court.