Johnson County
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Clarksville, Arkansas
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Tip Leads To Seizure Of 18 Neglected Animals

A tip from a concerned citizen to Needy Paws Animal Shelter resulted in the execution of a search warrant at a residence in Knoxville and the seizure of 18 neglected animals, 14 dogs and 4 cats, including Collies, Cocker Spaniels, Pomeranians and Chihuahuas.

On Monday, April 23, a representattive of Needy Paws reported a case of suspected neglect to Sheriff's Office personnel.  On Tuesday, April 24, Detective Chad Morrow visited the residence on County Road 2510 in Knoxville in an attempt to check the welfare of the animals.

Morrow could not make contact with anyone at the address but he could hear barking from multiple dogs inside the trailer and multiple dogs in an adjacent shed on the property.  There were also dogs outisde in a chain like pen. Because of the conditions of the property, Morrow wrote a search warrant on the property to further check the welfare of and seize as necessary any neglected animals.

Detectives and Deputies, along with representatives of Needy Paws went to the residence on Wednesday, April 25 and were able to make contact with the owner of the property who was living with a relative at a different address.  The search warrant was served and the animals were seized pursuant to the search warrant.

The animals were taken to Needy Paws where they were evaluated, cleaned and treated by staff and volunteers there.

The owner of the property, a 72 year-old resident was interviewed and stated only two of the dogs actually belonged to her, the rest were dumped on her by family members wanting her to take care of them.  She stated she worked full-time and was doing the best she could to care for the animals.

The owner voluntarily signed the animals over to Needy Paws and relinquished all rights to them.