Johnson County
Sheriff's Office
Clarksville, Arkansas
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Oark Man Arrested For D.W.I. # 6; Second Arrest Since November.

A 60 year-old Oark resident was arrested on Saturday, December 24 on his 6th D.W.I. charge, the second such charge since November 20.

Phillis Boyd Tate was arrested after Deputy Raymond Christian stopped him for a traffic violation on Highway 103 south of Oark.  Tate refused to take a field sobriety test and was arrested.

Tate was arrested for D.W.I. # 5 on November 20 of this year, also by Deputy Christian.  At that time, Tate was charged with D.W.I. # 5, Driving on a Revoked License, No License Plate and No Proof of Insurance.

Tate was out on bond for D.W.I. # 5 when he was arrested for the 6th offense.  His bond was revoked on his previous charge and his new charges include Driving on a Revoked License, No Proof of Insurance and Fictitious Vehicle License.

Tate was previously arrested for D.W.I. # 4 in November, 2008 and was sentenced to 24 months in the Arkansas Department of Corrections on May 1, 2009.  Tate was transported to the Department of Corrections on September 21, 2009 and was released in May, 2011.

Tate faces charges of D.W.I # 5 and D.W.I. # 6 in Johnson County Circuit Court at his next court appearance on January 13, 2012

Tate will have a bond hearing sometime on Tuesday.