Johnson County
Sheriff's Office
Clarksville, Arkansas
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Law Enforcement Scam Reported

A scam targeting inmates and families of inmates incarcerated in prisons and county jails has been reported in Arkansas.  A person posing as an employee with the Arkansas Department of Corrections or Davidson Treatment Center will call families of inmates and offer enrollment in a three or six month program which will allegedly complete the inmate's prison term and allow them to be released.  The person will ask for money, usually $1450.00 to be wired through Western Union to him for the services.  The person has used different aliases such as Bill Osteen, Daniel Moore and Michael Moore.  No such program exists in Arkansas.  This is a scam, designed to defraud inmates and their families based upon a false hope of early release.  This scam was operating in the Boone County (Harrison) area recently.  If anyone calls you with this type of offer, refuse their service and contact the Sheriff's Office as soon as possible.