Johnson County
Sheriff's Office
Clarksville, Arkansas
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7 Arrested On Petition To Revocate Warrants

Johnson County Deputies were busy over the weekend arresting 7 persons on Felony Bench Warrants for Petition To Revocate.  All were previously ordered to pay court costs, fines and fees and were ordered to commit no new criminal activity.  The warrants were issued against the 7 persons for failing to follow their sentencing guidelines.  Arrested were:

Gary Lee Jones, age 41 of Clarksville.

Ricky Lee Mayfield, age 54 of Clarksville.

Rene Cantu, age 46 of Clarksville.

Michael Brandon Southard, age 31 of Hartman.

German Venegas, age 20 of Clarksville.

Chelbi Mueller, age 36 of Clarksville.

Andrew Charlie Harris, age 21 of London.

Harris is also charged with Criminal Impersonation, Possessing an Instrument of Crime, 2nd Degree Escape From Custody and 2nd Degree Assault On A Police Officer after he became combative once he was taken into custody.

All 7 will have bond hearings and are due in Johnson County Circuit Court on January 6th, 2012