Johnson County
Sheriff's Office
Clarksville, Arkansas
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Man Attempts to Get Deputy's Weapon

A Johnson County resident is in custody after attempting to  get a pistol away from a Sheriff’s Deputy who was investigating a theft case.

On Sunday, September 18, Deputy Tim Wages was investigating  a theft of money and was attempting to speak with the suspect, John Nowotny,  age 29, when Nowotny complained of feeling nauseous.

Deputy Wages asked Nowotny what was wrong and Nowotny stated  he had taken a handful of pills.

Deputy Wages called for an ambulance and while Nowotny was  standing near Wages he lunged and grabbed Deputy Wage’s pistol and tried to  pull it from the holster.  Deputy Wages  took Nowotny to the ground and with the help of bystanders he was able to get  Nowotny handcuffed.

Nowotny was transported to Johnson Regional Medical Center  for treatment and is being charged with Battery 2nd Degree and Theft  of Property.

Nowotny is currently in the Detention Center.