Johnson County
Sheriff's Office
Clarksville, Arkansas
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Neglected Horse Found Wandering On Roadway, Two Others Surrendered

On Monday, May 9 Corporal Glenda Morrison was dispatched to the Lutherville area on a report of  neglected horses wandering in the roadway.  Corporal Morrison located one horse and with the help of a local resident was able to catch it and call volunteers to pick the horse up.  The horse was severely malnourished, covered in ticks and was losing large amounts of hair.  Morrison was unable to locate the other horses at that time but located the property the horses were supposedly housed at. 

After further investigation on Friday, May 13, Detective Chad Morrow was able to locate the remaining horses on a farm near the Lutherville fire station.  Both horses were malnourished, covered in ticks and had lost large amounts of hair.  Detective Morrow made contact with the owner of the horses, Crystal Mays, who told him she had bought the horses at an auction barn sometime in March and found out she was unable to properly care for them and was trying to give them away.

Volunteers were called in to take possession of the two horses which were transported to a local vet clinic for an examination.  A report will be submitted to the prosecutor's office for possible charges related to the condition of the horses