Johnson County
Sheriff's Office
Clarksville, Arkansas
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Neglected Horses Seized From Highway 21 Property


Deputies and volunteers seized 14 horses at a residence on Highway 21 south of Ozone on Wednesday, March 2 during the execution of a search warrant based on a complaint of animal neglect or abuse.  The investigation started on February 21 when Corporal Glenda Morrison went to the residence to check on the welfare of the horses.  Corporal Morrison made contact with the owner of the horses and they spoke about the condition of two small colts on the property. 

The owner stated to Corporal Morrison that she would willingly give the colts away and sign away the rights to them because she was having a hard time caring for them.  The Sheriff's Office enlisted the help of volunteers and on Friday, February 25 returned to the residence to pick the two colts up.  At that time it was discovered that one of the colts was down and could not get up.  Volunteers had to physically pull the colt into a trailer.  Both colts were taken to a local veterinarian for an examination.

Based on the condition of the two colts and the condition of the property, a search warrant was applied for and signed for deputies to return to the property and seize the remaining horses. 

On Wednesday, March 2, Investigators, Deputies, Auxiliary Deputies, the Sherman Township Constable and volunteers returned to the property and  began the process of rounding up the remaining 14 horses on the property.  After approximately 4 hours, the remaining horses had been loaded onto trailers and transported to a local veterinary clinic.

A total of 14 horses, including seven mares, two yearlings, four colts and one stud horse were removed, bringing the total of horses removed from the property to 16.

The owner of the horses was interviewed and when a report is received from the veterinarian the information will be forwarded to the prosecuting attorney for review for possible criminal prosecution.