Johnson County
Sheriff's Office
Clarksville, Arkansas
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Sheriff's Office Releases 2010 Statistics

2010 was another busy year for the Sheriff's Office, E-911 and Detention Center.  Below are the statistics for 2010.

Sheriff's Office:

In 2010, Deputies did the following:

Served 742 subpoenas.

Served 300 sets of civil papers.

Took 916 written reports.

Made 807 arrests.

Investigated 152 accidents.

Issued 469 citations.

Responded to 4679 calls for assistance.

Patrolled 439, 222 miles.

Performed bailiff duties for 4 Circuit Judges.


In 2010, E-911 personnel did the following:

Answered 10, 495 calls from cellular and land-line phones.

Dispatched Deputies to 4679 calls.

Transferred remaining calls to Clarksville P.D, Arkansas State Police, Rural Fire Departments and Johnson Regional Ambulance Service.

Johnson County Detention Center:

In 2010, Johnson County Detention Center personnel did the following:

Booked-in 2213 persons, including 1750 misdemeanors and 463 felonies.

      - Up 101 total inmates over 2009

      - Average daily count was 79.

      - Served 86,505 meals based upon daily average.