Johnson County
Sheriff's Office
Clarksville, Arkansas
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Gun Brought To Westside Upper Elementary

2 Westside Upper Elementary students, both males, ages 12 and 13 will be charged with possessing a weapon on school property after one of them brought a .32 caliber pistol to campus to trade for an ipod. The 12 year old reportedly took the pistol from his grandfather's residence in Washington County last week and brought it to school on Friday, February 5. School officials were not notified about the gun until a student reported it to an official at the Marvin Vinson center in Clarksville on Saturday, February 6. Both students were interviewed and confessed to possessing the gun at school. One remains in custody in the Danville Juvenile Corrections Center and the other was released to a parent. School officials notified law enforcement as soon as they found out about the gun and an investigation was started. Several other students knew about the gun on campus at the time but failed to report it to a teacher or administration. The Sheriff's Office is set to speak to the Westside student body about this matter during an assembly on Wednesday, February 24. The matter will be handled in juvenile court.