Johnson County
Sheriff's Office
Clarksville, Arkansas
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Charges Will Be Sought For Latest Mailbox Vandalism

4 Johnson County residents have been questioned about the most recent incidents of mailbox vandalism which have occured again in the Borden Corner/Bethlehem area of the county and charges are expected to be filed in district court. 2 males and 2 females, ages 19, 21 and 22 were stopped by patrol officers near the area of the vandalism and were found to have a baseball bat in the vehicle. They were brought to the Sheriff's Office for an interview in which all denied knowledge of vandalism to mailboxes. They were asked to return for further questioning the following day by detectives and 2 admitted being involved in the vandalism while 2 denied any knowledge, despite the fact that they were all together in one vehicle. Charges will include 17 counts of criminal mischief and 3 counts of theft of property. Total damage was estimated to be approximately $930.00 This is an ongoing problem in this particular area of the county and deputies will increase patrols both in marked and unmarked vehicles.