Johnson County
Sheriff's Office
Clarksville, Arkansas
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Heavy Rains Cause Trouble in County

A storm system that moved through Johnson County on Thursday, October 29 caused damage to several roads and left several persons stranded in vehicles in low-lying areas. The areas hit hardest in the county were west and north of Clarksville. Several roads became impassible as waters rose quickly and the roadways themselves became streams. A Union Pacific train derailed south of Coal Hill when part of the tracks washed away. There were no injuries in the derailment and the train was carrying no hazardous materials. It will take several days to remove the train and repair the tracks. Highway 103 was closed when mudslides covered and damaged parts of the road on the mountain. The Dive Team was called to assist Franklin County in removing trapped campers from a site near Cass on Highway 215. An Arkansas Game and Fish officer was injured when the boat he was using to help rescue the campers capsized and threw him and 2 others into the water. The officer was carried downstream by the current and was rescued by a swift-water team from Madison County. The officer was taken to Saint Edwards in Fort Smith for treatment of his injuries. The Dive Team returned to Johnson County at approximately 4:30 a.m. There were no serious injuries in either Johnson or Franklin counties from the storm.