Johnson County
Sheriff's Office
Clarksville, Arkansas
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2 Fishermen Rescued After Their Boat Capsizes in Arkansas River
Rescuers Approach
Overturned Boat
Prior To Rescue


2 Clarksville residents, Donald Belcher, age 67 and David Lynwood, age 56 were rescued from their overturned boat at approximately 2:00 p.m. this date on the Arkansas River.  The men were fishing in a 14 foot flatbottom boat and were anchored with 2 anchor lines when a large wave swamped their boat.  The boat overturned and both men managed to climb on the boat and hold on for over an hour before being noticed by a resident watching from her house on a nearby bluff.  Units from the Johnson County Sheriff's Office and Lamar Police Department responded to the scene.  The Johnson County Dive Team was put on alert and were gathering equipment when Lamar Police Chief Arron Arnold saw 2 men he knew leaving the Cabin Creek Access launch area close to the overturned boat.  Chief Arnold asked them to re-launch their boat to help in the recovery effort, which they did.  Chief Arnold rode with one of the men to the area where they located the capsized boat as other units directed the effort from the bluff overlooking the river.  After several minutes, both men were pulled from the water and onto the rescue boat where they were taken to the Cabin Creek Access boat launch.  They were met by an ambulance from the Johnson Regional Medical Center where they were checked for injuries.  Neither man was injured seriously but both were suffering mild hypothermia and were treated at the scene.  The water temperature was approximately 55 degrees.  A brief search was made for the overturned boat but it could not be located. "The Sheriff's Office would like to thank Chief Arnold, Ms. Peggy Burke, who saw the men from her residence and called 911, Dustin Marvel of Lamar, owner of the rescue boat and Greg Griffith of Hagarville.  Without their aid and assistance, this situation could have turned tragic."