Johnson County
Sheriff's Office
Clarksville, Arkansas
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Burglaries Expected to Increase as Christmas Approaches

Deputies with the Sheriff's Office will be out in full force during the Christmas season as daytime burglaries are expected to increase.  This is a yearly trend as people look to this method as an easy way to get presents without having to purchase them.  A burglar will break into a home, usually when the homeowner is at work during the day and take presents from under the tree.  The burglar will then unwrap the gifts, decide which ones to take and then re-wrap the gifts later to give to family members.  This is a trend that we see every year and with the state of the economy this year we expect to see an even greater increase.  If you work days and no one is home, please have a family member check your residence or check your residence while you are on your lunch break, if possible.  Please report any suspicious vehicles driving around your neighborhoods or roads immediately to local law enforcement.