Johnson County
Sheriff's Office
Clarksville, Arkansas
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New Scam Reported in Johnson County

A new scam has appeared in Johnson County in the form of a "HOT CHECK NOTICE".  The recipient receives an official looking notice from a company called the CHECK PROCESSING BUREAU LEGAL SERVICES in New York telling them that they have a hot or fraudulent check out and demanding payment of a certain amount of money to erase the debt.  There is an attached tear-off sheet that is supposed to be mailed in along with a payment.  AGAIN, THIS IS A SCAM!!!  If you receive one of these notices, DO NOT respond to it, notify our office or throw it away.  Any and all hot checks in the State of Arkansas, especially Johnson County are handled locally and no out of state company should contact you about these matters. Do not send money to any of these companies either by check, money order or cash.